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BillPremo's News

Posted by BillPremo - July 15th, 2015

My account is 12 years old today, I've spent half my life on newgrounds.

I've got a couple of projects in the works right now.

here's this painting of Fawkes from fallout3 I did a week ago


There should be some new cartoons out sometime next month !wow! !bye!


Posted by BillPremo - December 25th, 2014


It's been over 6 months since I last updated and it will be my last NG News post of 2014. 

In July I released a short cartoon called Be Yourself 

In August I uploaded a longer cartoon entitled Fooendship

A week later I made Wanna Hear a Secret?

A week after that I did the DeathJam with Flickernicht and Magnivez. The DeathJam was a movie jam where you make a cartoon in 48 hours about a humorous or intesresting death. We picked Gary Hoy, because I don't know, I can't remember why. 

I pulled off being 'King of the Portal' 


In early September my uncle I was really close to died of a sudden heart attack, he was only 53. I had just taken on a freelance job and it was really difficult to juggle between deadlines, helping with the funeral and cleaning up everything he left behind. He was divorced and never had kids so my immediate family had to move all of his stuff out of his condo. Pretty much every holiday is going to suck without him there.

I did freelance work on this Clash of Clans Cartoon

I got a seasonal job at Toys R Us stocking shelves, moving boxes around and stuff 40 hours a week, yeah it's pretty dumb but it ends in like early January so that's cool.

I released a short cartoon called Form Follows Function, unless you like cartoons based on design principles, it's not that great and even if you do, it's not that great.

I made a cartoon about Hand Turkeys

I'm working on 3 much larger cartoons that are unfinished from past years. Most of the cartoons I've done this year were based on comics I did 3 years ago and while I'm getting some of my older stuff shown to a larger audience I really want to get some fresh stuff out soon.

As for my WhatTheDo webcomic I'm not sure if I'm going to do it anymore, it's been almost a year since I frequently updated it and I'm way more focused on animation than comics. Maybe i'll revisit it someday but for now it's barely alive.

I have a few game projects currently in limbo because I keep teaming up with people who don't finish projects, so I'm slightly interested in learning to program or code so I can make games on my own.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I just tried SAI for the first time, so here's a sweaty baby jesus


Posted by BillPremo - June 9th, 2014

I should update you all on what's been happening, It's been 6 months since I last updated my NG blog. I wrapped up a bunch of freelance projects and did a part for The Everything by Everyone documentary which hasn't surfaced yet and who knows when.

This is my part, it's unlisted don't go sharing it everywhere, the audio has a few blips that won't be in the final movie :I

I was working on Sweetest from February to April and attempted to get it done before Pico Day. As the deadline was getting closer I realized it wasn't going to happen and if I wanted to release it it had to be done right and not rushed. I was still really frazzled trying to get the deadline (and having to drive 12 hours to Philly) that I barely ate or slept that week and looking back I wish I had relaxed more at Pico Day.

I did a really simple cutscene for the game "P-Bot Has No Hope For NG" while I was finishing up Sweetest

Pico Day was really fun, the night before was also great.


I released Sweetest in early May.

I did voice work for Milk and Mission Impizzable  

Did a really short cartoon called Smmmile based on a comic strip I did 3 years ago.

I'm currently working on another longer cartoon, haven't named it yet but it's about a sloth and stuff. If I can't get it out in late June then I'll probably make another short cartoon based on a past whatthedo comic to fill the spot.

I finally started posting to youtube, I've just hit 600 subscribers and hope to expand on that.

I'm also working on a game with my friend Zachary and it's really cool so far, so look forward to that too.

- Bill "shithouse" Premo


Posted by BillPremo - December 6th, 2013

Been busy as fuck, still wound up in freelance projects. At the pace I'm working they should be done soon. Then I've got some major shit to deploy soon after. I took a break from WhatTheDo comics, I recently had the choice of not renewing my hosting plan. I was considering just ending the whole site, I wasn't have fun with it anymore. Yet I decided against it and I have a lot of material written for more comics, even some real story arcs to go along with it.

I've been digitally painting, it's really relaxing. This is a work in process.569588_138636237633_fightermechpilot.png  

I'm going to make some new shirts soon, it's been a long term learning process of introducing new techniques into screen printing. It's such an exacting process and one error can really fuck everything up.

Canada really seems to like my Nicolas Cage Cat shirt, Thanks Canada, you're the best! here's a link if you're interested. Nicolas Cage Cat Shirt

Last Saturday was my final day at McDonald's. I'm officially just going to pour every ounce of energy into art, animation, shirts and the like.

I liked working at McDonald's but the underlying problem I saw was the disconnect from the management to the workers. The past management showed a lot of compassion and support to the kitchen workers and the service people. It was a very warm environment, it was actually fun, because while it's easy tasks at a fast pace, the people you worked with were quite humble. I've never been in a place where everyone was smiling as much as at McDonald's. Not what you'd imagine, people happy at a fast food job?

Yet in the past few months it got to the point where the energy there became really apathetic, mediocre for even McDonald's standards. We always stressed the importance of getting everything ready for the next person who took over your station, it seemed like people would care or put effort into not fucking over who came next. But now it seems like no one cares in the slightest and I can see it clearly stems directly from the traits of the managers.  

Now I understand to be a good manager you have to be a dick sometimes. It's a part of managing people, you can't make everyone happy all the time, what's best for you isn't always fun. But I think and feel the current management is not suitable for handling people. I really don't think they understand what motivates people or when they overstep their bounds into awkward and uncomfortable activity.

I've had strict managers before who were harsh but still pulled it off because they understood people and had the charisma to pull it off because you could respect them and their wisdom.

Leading by example I think is a very important virtue. Which was non-existent, some managers would arrive 20-30 minutes late but punish other workers for being 5 minutes late. The standards of conduct slowly degraded into "don't give a fuck about anything or anyone" There was no more sense of community.

We had an "Attendance Contest for the Month of November", The rules were if you have perfect attendance you get put into a raffle for a $50 gift card. Merely 5 days into the raffle contest roughly 75% of the employees were removed from the list. That, and the store manager misspelled "you're" as "your" throughout the entire contest rules.    

- BPremo



Posted by BillPremo - November 11th, 2013

It's been a while and I'm still behind as all fuck on a lot of neat projects.

I finished up some freelance work and I'm currently doing a documentary segment. Not sure if I can talk about the details of it openly but that will take up a good chunk of time, here's a hint, It's about everything, and everyone who makes the everything.

October was a great month for me on the t-shirt side of things, I sold more shirts in October than I've sold in the last 6 months combined SO THAT'S PRETTY NEAT.

I launched a new Nicolas Cage Cat Shirt on my Etsy shop. They're now available in grey :D

Nicolas Cage Cat Shirt

I've been a bit sluggish on updating my webcomic because 1, it sucks and I'm not funny, and 2 my site looks fucking dumb and I'm too stupid to make it look better.

Last Friday I had the weirdest and worst job interview ever.

The guy who interviewed me told me off the bat that I seemed nervous when I didn't feel nervous at all. He continued to insist "relax man, relax" I seriously didn't feel nervous I have no idea why he thought I seemed nervous.

Then we sat down in parallel chairs, not facing each other, parallel. I had to talk over my shoulder to talk to him.

He wouldn't hold eye contact for very long and seemed uncomfortable looking into my eyes.

Upon looking at my resume and noticing that I work at McDonald's I was asked really well thought out questions such as "Do you eat a lot of McDonald's" and when I said no he asked me "Do you hate McDonald's?" which I replied no and explained why I didn't hate McDonald's. I went into depth that I would have quit McDonald's a long time ago if I truly hated it.


Later on I learned that the dude isn't supposed to do interviews and isn't even a supervisor.

Why that company, which I won't name, decided to pick a hungry terrible interviewer I have no idea.

If I owned a company I would want the person doing interviews to represent my company. They're like ambassadors. So why the fuck is your ambassador hungry and have his head up his ass?

Anyway, I'll probably find out later this week if I got the job or not.

BTW Happy Veteran's Day, here's the full Michael Kamen soundtrack of Band Of Brothers

Shirts, Animation, Terrible Job interview, Veteran's Day


Posted by BillPremo - October 15th, 2013

I've put a bunch of cool animated shorts on hold for now while I work on commission projects and continue to work nightshifts at mcdonalds. The extent to how epic my upcoming projects are, is utterly ball shattering.

I'm hoping for the first one to launch early November, followed by another in December, that's what I'm striving for.

I've made some more WhatTheDo comics but haven't gotten around to uploading them on Newgrounds yet.

I've got over 15 painted backgrounds I guess I could upload to the art portal for shits and giggles but I'm still debating it.

I've decided to venture further into making shirts and have a Limited Edition October shirt available until October 31st.

You can check it out here on my Etsy Shop

At the moment I'm more concerned with pacing/balancing myself and distributing effort to all areas of my life, not just art stuff.

Sexy October


Posted by BillPremo - July 1st, 2013

Alright lots of cool stuff has happened in the last 2 months.

I started NATA and got through the open round with an unfinished submission which I hope to finish in the next 2 weeks or less.

I went to Pico Day and met way too many people, Tom Fulp, Wade Fulp, Stamper, RicePirate(Gave a couple of less known animators a really motivational speech, it was fucking cool), Fungasm, Rig, CosmicDeath, FBIpolux, DeathInk, Oney, PsychicPebble(outstanding handshaker), Bob, MindChamber, Krinkels, Sherbalex(sp? the couch guy), LegolaSS, Ukinojoe(he did the sonic and king of the hill voices when I talked to him, that was cool) Emily Youcis, Puffballs Unite, Zachary, Travis, GoryBlizzard, Manly-Chicken, Emrox(I tried drawing him realistically on the chalk wall), Brewster, The Swain, Mike, Luis,Ornery, Afro-Nin ja Sequenced.

I was blow away by how fun it was, I've been going to Newgrounds.com for over 10 years now and to meet all these people I've seen only from their flash projects was fucking awesome. I drank some booty juice and got to talk to a lot of inspirational people I brought my friends Ryan and Devin with. Ryan is more familiar with NG but my friend Devin isn't too familiar but makes short films.

But away I drove 12 hours to Philly, stayed at the Best Western went to barcade, went to picoday, ate some donuts and then drove back another 12 hours. It was dope as fuck.

So then I started my next NATA cartoon and didn't finish it and lost the novice round but it's cool I get more time to work on it.

I have a total of 4 unfinished cartoons all about 90% done so expect a lot of high quality cartoons in July and August these are all 3-5 minutes each, it's my best stuff to date.

I've been making shirts too


I just got rehired at McDonald's, I missed working there, the people are nice and friendly my goal is to make manager within a month or two.

I learned HTML,CSS, and now JQuery through CodeAcademy.com and plan to keep learning new stuff from that site.

I've been updating www.whatthedo.com weekly on Mondays ( I need to make a new one right now lol)

I'm also working on a top secret game project.

So yeah I don't sleep anymore but I'm happy as fuck, I also saw Rush live so that was neat.

Constant Sex


Posted by BillPremo - April 3rd, 2013

I was walking home about an hour ago, I had been walking for 2 hours and was very close to my house. I was more paranoid about walking at night than usual. I decided to bring a knife.

I wasn't used to it, it had been months since I've done a night stroll. I would constantly look behind myself and freak myself out when my dumb imagination would make a tree or a mail box look like deformed melted people. I saw a few skunks, they would come out of no where and startle me.

I was really close to my house. I had been walking down a long road when I had one of those paranoid look behind yourself feelings, so I look back.

I see this german shepard looking dog about 200 feet away, walking down the sidewalk towards me. I started walking faster, and it continued to stalk me for another 15 seconds. It was about 100 feet away at this point, I could tell from the street light that was nearby that it was a coyote.

At this point I couldn't risk this wile e coyote mother fucker using any anvils or acme rockets. So I stop walking and turn around to face the coyote. With knife in hand I put my arms out wide and tried to look as big as possible and said "what u goin' do faggot!"

The coyote ran off very quickly, because he was a faggot.

Feeling tough as shit, I turn around to continue walking home and-


This Pepe La Pew son of a bitch skunk is 2 feet from me making the nastiest noises. It's hisses and growls sounded like it was brewing hot chunky diarrhea in it's mouth. I avoided getting sprayed and briskly walked home.

I'm sick of these looney toon assholes.


Posted by BillPremo - March 22nd, 2013

Newgrounds is not stupid and I'm livestreaming for the next 3-6 hours, maybe more.


Newgrounds is fucking stupid and I'm livestreaming.


Posted by BillPremo - March 4th, 2013

BrokenDeck and I started a contest for 8-bit and chiptune story driven music, THE WINNER GETS AN ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO ANIMATED ENTIRELY BY ME SO GET GOING ON THOSE SUBMISSIONS!!!

All rules and details are in this link below!

Mac13 8-Bit Audio Contest

So February 21st was my first art show, it was run through a program called RawArtists I would recommend it if you want to sell art in person. You have to sell $200 worth of tickets or buy in to do it, but you also get to do another show afterwards later in the year where you travel to another city and you don't have to sell tickets to that one. Really different for me but really fun.

Some newgrounders came out to the show Luis came out as well as Ryan. I didn't get to hang out as much as I would have liked, I spent most of the time selling comic prints and shirts but it was pretty fun and I would declare it a success.

I recently launched my WhatTheDo etsy shop, where I'm selling what I sold at my show and more.
I started making shirts and expect to make even more, so check those out.

Music Contest, Art Show, Etsy Shop, Fun Shit.