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BillPremo's News

Posted by BillPremo - July 15th, 2011

At this time I've slowed down production but I've decided to go back to the writing and storyboarding of the animation to tweak all the flaws in the story telling. I've redone a few walk cycles and the timing on a few physical gags. It looks so much better than before and I'm confident that this will be one of the greatest flash animations ever to grace the face of Newgrounds.

Posted by BillPremo - April 11th, 2011

Give Peas a Chance is being delayed while I work on my website. Expecting it sometime in May.


Posted by BillPremo - February 23rd, 2011

I'm hoping to get it done by March 10th. I was going to split it into 3 parts, but I've decided that it just blows if viewed in 3 different files. I've heard that if you email Tom he can up your upload limit for larger files so I can upload it all as one. Wish me luck I'm working my ass off on this.

I got my rejection letter from CalArts yesterday. I put a lot of effort into my application and a few months of hard work but I still got rejected. It really doesn't bother me much, I'm more concerned about how well Give Peas a Chance will do when I submit it here. I'm keeping busy. busy. busy. busy.

www.whatthedo.com is my weekly web comic website I'm having a great time maintaining it. I need to get back to work there's too much to be done. Keep fighting the good fight.


Posted by BillPremo - February 3rd, 2011


This was my first flash submission from August 2nd 2003 the summer between 6th and 7th grade. It got blammed of course. I remember feeling so good about finishing it. I was kinda crushed when it got blammed but oh well it just made me stronger. By the way I'll be done with Give Peas a Chance within the next week or two. Get ready for it !!! (yes I realize no one reads this)

Posted by BillPremo - January 6th, 2011

I finished a cartoon recently it's on youtube but I've decided to put it here on Newgrounds. This flash is too big to submit in one file. So I chopped it into 3 parts. I realized it needs to be viewed as a whole or I need to make each part better and longer. So technically I'm working on 3 flash animations right now.

I've poured over 200 hours into this thing and probably will pour another 100 over the next few weeks. I'm not sure whether to release them one per week or one per day in a 3 day period.

One thing I learned is if you really want to improve your drawing or painting skills in general, spend over 6 months on one project. Just from making over a dozen detailed backgrounds in photoshop it's sharpened up my painting skills. Frame by frame animation is where it's at. Having to draw something just from your head and making it move in 3 dimensions will test your knowledge and skill. Putting the animation and backgrounds together and making sure they match up in shading and lighting, it's like making thousands of paintings.

I do believe animation is and has been the next step in art. Music, drawing, painting, story telling, and film. It has it all. Entertainment is art too.

If you missed the link above here's give peas a chance the original

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Give Peas A Chance