I was walking home about an hour ago.

2013-04-03 06:06:26 by BillPremo

I was walking home about an hour ago, I had been walking for 2 hours and was very close to my house. I was more paranoid about walking at night than usual. I decided to bring a knife.

I wasn't used to it, it had been months since I've done a night stroll. I would constantly look behind myself and freak myself out when my dumb imagination would make a tree or a mail box look like deformed melted people. I saw a few skunks, they would come out of no where and startle me.

I was really close to my house. I had been walking down a long road when I had one of those paranoid look behind yourself feelings, so I look back.

I see this german shepard looking dog about 200 feet away, walking down the sidewalk towards me. I started walking faster, and it continued to stalk me for another 15 seconds. It was about 100 feet away at this point, I could tell from the street light that was nearby that it was a coyote.

At this point I couldn't risk this wile e coyote mother fucker using any anvils or acme rockets. So I stop walking and turn around to face the coyote. With knife in hand I put my arms out wide and tried to look as big as possible and said "what u goin' do faggot!"

The coyote ran off very quickly, because he was a faggot.

Feeling tough as shit, I turn around to continue walking home and-


This Pepe La Pew son of a bitch skunk is 2 feet from me making the nastiest noises. It's hisses and growls sounded like it was brewing hot chunky diarrhea in it's mouth. I avoided getting sprayed and briskly walked home.

I'm sick of these looney toon assholes.


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2013-04-03 06:16:15

Cool story bro. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/609866
Run into any owls or fox lately? Skunks are usually very cool though.
The deer by me are suburbanized, and don't take shit from nobody ._.
You goin' to the Pico party?

BillPremo responds:

haha I've seen a few owls and fox but not recently. I'm going to the Pico Day party :D


2013-04-04 12:48:05

Sounds like an adventure

BillPremo responds:

twas a great adventure


2013-04-04 14:16:14

Can't beat skunk meat.

BillPremo responds:

Skunks can't beat my meat.


2013-06-21 12:40:57

Primo Im doing the same screenshot jam screenshot as you. Im gunna beat you! :O