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Time Flies

Posted by BillPremo - June 9th, 2014

I should update you all on what's been happening, It's been 6 months since I last updated my NG blog. I wrapped up a bunch of freelance projects and did a part for The Everything by Everyone documentary which hasn't surfaced yet and who knows when.

This is my part, it's unlisted don't go sharing it everywhere, the audio has a few blips that won't be in the final movie :I

I was working on Sweetest from February to April and attempted to get it done before Pico Day. As the deadline was getting closer I realized it wasn't going to happen and if I wanted to release it it had to be done right and not rushed. I was still really frazzled trying to get the deadline (and having to drive 12 hours to Philly) that I barely ate or slept that week and looking back I wish I had relaxed more at Pico Day.

I did a really simple cutscene for the game "P-Bot Has No Hope For NG" while I was finishing up Sweetest

Pico Day was really fun, the night before was also great.


I released Sweetest in early May.

I did voice work for Milk and Mission Impizzable  

Did a really short cartoon called Smmmile based on a comic strip I did 3 years ago.

I'm currently working on another longer cartoon, haven't named it yet but it's about a sloth and stuff. If I can't get it out in late June then I'll probably make another short cartoon based on a past whatthedo comic to fill the spot.

I finally started posting to youtube, I've just hit 600 subscribers and hope to expand on that.

I'm also working on a game with my friend Zachary and it's really cool so far, so look forward to that too.

- Bill "shithouse" Premo


Comments (8)

Great stuff mate. For what it's worth, you were a pleasure to be around at Pico Day and the hours we spent in the car so don't think the stress turned you into an asshole or anything.

Time Flies sounds like the name for a game where you play as a time traveling fly

Time flies and so do I *bzuooooooop*

I enjoyed your part of the doc, hopefully it will all still come together! Also thanks for coming to Pico Day and helping with P-Bot Has No Hope for NG... I feel like that game was way under-appreciated by the public... Like most stuff I guess.

Hey no prob Tom, thanks for hosting!

Awww C: you're awesome bae
Love you so much boo dont let them get to you always stay true to your dreams <3

Friday night (before Pico Day '14) you guys had pizza at the office? Knew I shoulda roosted earlier :| It was so hot in the offices, I stayed down on the street, sorry we didn't get a chance to chew the fat!

Nice work on the condiment drama, that went really well! Only, damn, an E rating? I never pressed Tom on the whole dissection of the adult stuff from NG, to another site he's bought... surprised I don't hear about mods or admins changing ratings on submissions. Oh well, that's enough non-sequiturs for the night :)

omg you're my hero now @Tom comment

hopefully if it's still in Pennsylvania next year i'll be at the next Pico Day! :D