Sexy October

2013-10-15 03:15:49 by BillPremo

I've put a bunch of cool animated shorts on hold for now while I work on commission projects and continue to work nightshifts at mcdonalds. The extent to how epic my upcoming projects are, is utterly ball shattering.

I'm hoping for the first one to launch early November, followed by another in December, that's what I'm striving for.

I've made some more WhatTheDo comics but haven't gotten around to uploading them on Newgrounds yet.

I've got over 15 painted backgrounds I guess I could upload to the art portal for shits and giggles but I'm still debating it.

I've decided to venture further into making shirts and have a Limited Edition October shirt available until October 31st.

You can check it out here on my Etsy Shop

At the moment I'm more concerned with pacing/balancing myself and distributing effort to all areas of my life, not just art stuff.

Sexy October


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2013-10-15 03:23:20

pretty sweet artwork you got there

BillPremo responds:



2013-10-15 03:39:25

Pretty cool!

BillPremo responds:

thank you!


2013-10-15 11:39:13

damn, thats a sick design

BillPremo responds:



2013-10-15 19:33:47

That art is too scary, Bill. Can't you draw something nice? Maybe some bunnies and clouds.

Please and thanks

BillPremo responds:



2013-10-15 21:25:01

I'm liking the design, there.

BillPremo responds:

I'm liking your comment, here.


2013-10-18 11:43:40

Bill, what is your opinion on Rocket Power, the hit animated cartoon on Nickelodeon?

BillPremo responds:

woogie woogie woogie


2013-10-27 06:45:25

Suggestion for your site: add some sort of permalink below each of the cartoons. For example, I might wanna link to the Steve Jobs toon that's currently there on the front page, but there's no convenient way of doing that... and if you update what's on the front page, what I'd originally intended to link to would be replaced by whatever else you put there (I know I can go to archives to find the URL, but I think that's an unnecessary step).

BillPremo responds:

Thanks for the suggestion liljim! That's something I will definitely do. I've been putting off implementing/fixing some site things. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make my latest comic post and permalink become the homepage but I've only encountered issues.