Update on projects.

2013-01-23 14:51:58 by BillPremo

So I've been pretty busy with a few things, for one I've been spending a lot of time on my new animated cartoon flash film. It's a Disney Starwars parody, it doesn't have much of a story but it has a few good jokes and even better artwork. I'm hoping it will be about a minute and a half long. I also intend to write all the music for it.

I've been struggling with the concept of making parodies mainly because I feel they are cheap and pandering. The sad truth is people love them and I know I liked them when I was a kid. So I have to grow an audience some how ya know? But I promised to myself I would never lower the quality of the technical animation and I would try to be creative with what I've drawn from the source material.

Besides I love Starwars and Disney movies so it's really fun, after this I'll be able to draw boba fett from memory.

So far I'm happy with what I've accomplished with it and hopefully it will be done sometime in February.

Jan 10th was my official 2 year anniversary of making webcomics.

I've been on a hiatus from my site www.whatthedo.com but I've been getting prints ready of comics and even planning on possibly releasing a book of the first 2 years of comics called WHATTHEDO Volume 1.

I'm a month away from an art show, It's run through a program called RAW Artists and is being held at a Chicago bar called the Double Door February 21st you can buy tickets here.


Hopefully I'll get around to starting a story focused animated series or doing NATA 2013 who knows.


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2013-01-23 16:53:08

Best of luck man. I always appreciated your art and creativity. The occasional parody won't mean you sold out.

BillPremo responds:

Thanks VicariousE! Yeah I'm probably just overthinking the whole thing.


2013-01-23 17:32:39

Glad you followed the idea of the comic book release ! good luck with that man ! and your upcoming cartoons

BillPremo responds:

Thanks Francis! I'm hoping I can still do it, at this point the book is starting to look like it might be expensive to do but I think I can try to get it down to a reasonable price.


2013-01-23 18:49:14

If I lived near Chicago, I'd be all over that art show man. Good luck!

BillPremo responds:

It's 21+ :(


2013-01-23 19:55:02

Pumped to see the cartoon man! I know it'll look slick!
Gah!! I would totally go to this Double Door man, but of course school has to interfere with everything...:(

hahaha an animated series would be neat or Nata again!
best of luck BPremobrooo...

BillPremo responds:

Thanks Digs :D at this point I think I'll go forward with the animated series instead of NATA but who knows anything can change last minute.


2013-02-07 11:08:38

Fuck man your humour is sharp, why don't you start animating some of your old comic strips?

BillPremo responds:

Thank you Celx-Requin! Oddly enough my intent on making webcomics in the first place was so get better at humor writing or getting flash ideas and so far I haven't made any based on any of my strips yet but I do hope to soon.