New cartoon, even more on the way!

2012-12-10 09:53:07 by BillPremo

I recently noticed a bunch of people posting some facebook guideline bullshit lately and decided to make a short cartoon about it.

I also started posting my videos on youtube as well. SUBSCRIBE!!! I GOT A BUNCH OF COOL SHIT ON THE WAY.

I recently made a short animated clip for PuffballsUnited's NG Flash Advent Calendar. I'm day 14, so only 4 more days until you get to open it. Or you can just change the time on your computers clock to see it early.

I've got a starwars disney parody in the works stay tuned for that.


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2012-12-10 11:10:08

Sub to bill, all the cool kids are doing it

BillPremo responds:

damn right


2012-12-10 21:11:21

Preeemoo is the best!

BillPremo responds:

Thanks digs!!!


2012-12-16 05:48:27

Still waiting for your debut on PornTube, though.