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I wish you the best on your future challenges and opportunities! btw Screen printing, is it worth it? Can one make a living doing it, or just a side hobby for extra cash?

At the moment it's kinda small for me, I've only gotten 25 sales, but 17 of those were the last 2 months out of the 8 months I've done it. So at the moment I'm on the rise. I think it can become a living if approached seriously enough but it is really time consuming like most things. I haven't made all my money back that I've poured into it but I think I can make that back within 6 more months of aggressively and actively making more shirts. I really just watched a bunch of videos on youtube and started teaching myself I still don't completely know what I'm doing but it's working.

Hey Bill, i've read most of your comics and then i read this tonite...i work at mcdonalds.

i don't know how to express to you how badly i would die for a shirt featuring the final panel of Mad Ripped pt. 4....i'm wood-chipper, feet-first serious. something about that panel speaks to me in a way that an art exhibit i once saw featuring van gogh's painting and picasso sculptures with mc eschers designs never did....they only made me think of money and mold....well, except for this van gogh of an ox pulling a cart, it was the most beautiful painting i've ever seen to be fair. but otherwise i only felt awe at their face-value, like a friggin' jewel thief.

i know the screen-printing process is really consuming and wouldn't be worth it for one dinky shirt, but it's fun to imagine. it makes me feel kinda cool to imagine, haha. peace dude, stay positive.

Hey PoisonHeart thank you for reading :D

At this point I'm not sure if I'll make shirts or prints related to Mad Ripped but I do intend on making more comics related to the story. I currently have a goal of going up to 50 parts but that's more of a vague goal than anything concrete. I tried to put the spirit/experience of working at McDonald's into the manager and Jimmy character and it's really satisfying to know it meant something to people in the same boat.

I actually really enjoy van gogh and his use of yellow in his paintings. I have a funny story about a teacher who thought it was a cop out for me to choose van gogh as my favorite artist for an assignment just because he wasn't obscure. But hey thanks again for the support and yeah that shirt is really unlikely but maybe there will some mad ripped prints and shirts in the future.

Wheres mom im hungreeee!!!

That digital painting looks awesome! What program are you using, and tablet? And the Nicholas Cage cat shirt is probably the best thing I have ever seen, ever.

You just got 420 fans; time to blaze it, son.