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Stylish empty bedroom. :D

Undead Grandpa 2


How can you meet all those people IN PERSON and not melt from how awesome it has to be? I would be screaming like a girl all over the place, jumping from one person to the other like a bee trying to collect the most pollen... Weird metaphore right there lol

Well that would just be scary for everyone involved.

Rats, I was too zombied out to have met you... unless, did we walk back to the Best Western together?
Hope you make manager, and all your anime dreams come true (when you do sleep)!

Where you the guy who was taking photos? I think we chatted very shortly or hung out in he couches near the end of the night but never introduced each other.

Yeah, with a crappy flip phone camera... I hadn't slept more than 2 hours at a go for almost a week before the party, but I think most of us were so crunked up by 10-11pm, names didn't matter :)

Might have a picture of you in this zipped file of 60 crappy pics - it's worth it to see Tom and his kiddies <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/47ebbdd4ab609723e39e4ef42d448855">http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/47ebbdd4ab 609723e39e4ef42d448855</a>

though your art style is abit odd, i find the social commentary amusing

what is your motivation for your art ?

Social injustice and Racism.

Not really, I just really like making stuff. My motivation is, I am a tree and I like to make fruit. I'd like to be financially stable from doing cartoons independently or making games but if that doesn't happen then, well shit, there's always more to life than that. I feel like I'm resourceful enough to pursue a lot of things and a lot of things interest me. I'd say my motivation for art has a lot to do with growth I really like building, growth, learning and knowledge. Just the act of making something out of nothing is pure magic for me.

thats fantastic , its like &quot;yeah i wanna succeed , but the fame and money would be a happy coincidence , right now its just the fact I am able to create , i have the talent , and if i happen to get discovered , than fantastic , if not than well i can keep creating &quot;

and you know that's probably the best way to face life ( and very mature)

no matter what your angle or your fame i'll always be a fan of yours , love your creativity, love your out look, love the social commentary , and i am always happy to see a new submission of yours hit the art portal

Constant sex?

I have always wondered what Zach Hadels face looked like... What did his face look like to you?

The face of a man.

Why dosn't Zach show his face?